Mastering traceability

Trends, challenges and strategies for success

Traceability – the practice of tracking the location and documenting the history, usage and location of parts, sub-assemblies, raw materials and finished products – is becoming ever more crucial for flexible production lines and globalized platforms. At Omron, we use our decades of industry expertise to develop world-class traceability solutions.

We also believe in the importance of keeping manufacturers up to date on traceability-related challenges and best practices. Our most recent white paper series offers insights into the driving forces behind the latest developments and strategies for getting the most out of real-time traceability, whether for the purpose of brand protection, regulatory compliance, quality control, process improvements or another goal.

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Traceability in Food & Beverage and Packaging

  • Complying with industry regulations like FSMA
  • Combatting counterfeiting and promoting ethical sourcing
  • Minimizing the impact of recalls
  • Analyzing and optimizing productivity
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Traceability in the Automotive Industry

  • Improving process control
  • Reducing recall costs and curbing the global reach of flawed vehicles
  • Managing global platforms and standardized architectures
  • Ensuring the stability of part markings in challenging environments
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Traceability in Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing

Traceability in Semiconductor

  • Tracking and optimizing the performance of machines and processes
  • Following automated production “recipes”
  • Identify quality problems early

Traceability in Electronics Manufacturing 

  • Tracking and optimizing the performance of machines and processes
  • Streamlining the PCB testing process
  • Transitioning from a homemade MES to a robust system
  • Identifying quality issues early
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Traceability in the Life Sciences and Medical Industries

  • Complying with industry regulations like FDA UDI
  • Ensuring the stability of medical device markings
  • Using traceability to facilitate laboratory automation
  • Embedding barcode readers inside test equipment
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Omron products that solve traceability challenges

The above white papers present several Omron products and describe how each fits into an overarching traceability solution. Following are a few of the technologies featured.

The MicroHAWK ID industrial barcode readers put powerful code reading capabilities into a compact design that can be easily embedded within space-constrained equipment. They are ideal for semiconductor manufacturing, packing equipment, automated laboratory testing or any other situation that requires barcode readers to be included inside machines.

The LVS verifiers and print quality inspection systems help ensure that 1D/2D barcodes, direct part marks (DPMs) and printed labels are readable and properly formed. Without a solid verification system, unreadable symbols and labels containing errors could be distributed throughout the production line or even into the market, causing valuable information to be lost.

The NX/NJ series controllers are designed to directly transfer traceability information to a SQL database without hampering machine control performance with embedded SQL connectivity. By making secure data transfer easily available at the machine level, these controllers help manufacturers reap the benefits of valuable data while maintaining the desired production cycle time.

Check out our information-packed white papers to learn more about these solutions and others!

  • NX1_Website_Image.jpg


    Contrôleur d’automatisation de machine – NX1

  • S8BA

    Alimentations sans coupure c.c.-c.c. compactes avec rail de montage DIN, idéales pour la prévention des chutes de tension et des pannes de courant dans les contrôleurs / ordinateurs industriels (IPC)

  • Industrial_IPC_NY5_Product_Image.jpg


    Contrôleur de machine IPC

  • NJ controller.jpg


    Automatisation de machines complète et robuste

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg

    SQL Client NJ5

    Contrôleur de machines NJ avec fonctionnalité SQL Client

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg

    Semi-conducteur NJ5

    Solution matérielle dédiée avec mouvement, EtherCAT et communication SECS/GEM pour l’industrie du semi-conducteur

  • Laser_Marker_MX-Z.jpg


    La solution idéale pour les applications de vision à vitesse moyenne

  • V780_UHF_Product_Image.jpg

    V750 Portal Reader

    UHF Long Range RFID Reader/Writer

  • Super_FH_Product_Image.jpg


    The Fastest and Most Flexible Vision System in the Industry

  • ID-45_front_facing_OEI.jpg

    MicroHAWK ID-40

    MicroHAWK ID-45 : lecteur de codes à barres industriel

  • HS360X_scanning_gear.jpg


    Lecteur portatif de codes à barres de marquages directs de pièces HS-360X, « ultra robuste »

  • HAWK_MV4000_Product_Image.jpg

    HAWK MV4000

    Caméra intelligente HAWK MV-4000

  • LVS-9585_Product_Image.jpg


    Vérificateur de codes à barres de marquage direct de pièces portatif LVS-9585