Trends, challenges and strategies shaping traceability in food and beverage packaging industry

In the food and beverage packaging industry, both public health and consumer satisfaction depend on product authenticity and integrity. It’s no surprise, then, that traceability efforts within this industry focus heavily on making sure that food and beverage products consist of what’s on their labels. In the United States, much of these efforts are driven by legal requirements such as the FDA’s FSMA regulations.

FSMA and similar global mandates generally deal with “external traceability,” the ability to trace product history throughout the supply chain. To successfully comply, however, companies also must have solid internal traceability systems in place. This white paper delves into several of the most pressing challenges manufacturers face and best practices for overcoming them.

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Omron products that solve traceability challenges

The food and beverage packaging traceability white paper presents several Omron technologies that can help manufacturers make the most of their systems and successfully comply with regulations. Following are a few of the products featured.

The LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System is a key solution for ensuring high levels of accuracy and readability on product labels. It features a wide range of verification-related functionality, including optical character recognition (OCR), optical character verification (OCV), master-to-label comparison, and data and code matching. These capabilities help companies ensure data integrity, identify defects and avoid liability.

The MicroHAWK industrial barcode readers and smart cameras are designed to provide advanced code reading in a space-saving design. Their liquid lens autofocus technology eliminates constraints on camera positioning, and their compact casing allows them to be easily embedded within space-constrained packaging machinery.

The NX/NJ series controllers are designed to directly transfer traceability information to a SQL database without hampering machine control performance with embedded SQL connectivity. By making secure data transfer easily available at the machine level, these controllers help manufacturers reap the benefits of valuable data while maintaining the desired production cycle time.

  • NX1_Website_Image.jpg


    Machine Automation Controller - NX1

  • S8BA

    Prevent voltage drop and power failure with a compact UPS.

  • Industrial_IPC_NY5_Product_Image.jpg


    IPC Machine Controller

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg


    Machine Automation Controller - NJ5 Series

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg

    NJ5 SQL Client

    NJ Machine Automation Controller with SQL Client Functionality

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg

    NJ5 Semiconductor

    Dedicated Hardware Solution with Motion, EtherCAT, and SECS/GEM Communication for Semiconductor Industry

  • Laser_Marker_MX-Z.jpg


    The Perfect Solution for Medium Speed Vision Applications

  • V780_UHF_Product_Image.jpg

    V750 Portal Reader

    UHF Long Range RFID Reader/Writer

  • Super_FH_Product_Image.jpg


    The Fastest and Most Flexible Vision System in the Industry

  • ID-45_front_facing_OEI.jpg

    MicroHAWK ID-40

    MicroHAWK ID-45: Industrial Barcode Reader

  • HS360X_scanning_gear.jpg


    HS-360X "Ultra-Rugged" Direct Part Mark Handheld Scanner

  • HAWK_MV4000_Product_Image.jpg

    HAWK MV4000

    HAWK MV-4000 Smart Camera

  • LVS-9585_Product_Image.jpg


    LVS-9585 Handheld DPM Barcode Verifier