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Today's automotive manufacturing environment is complex. Trusted for over 80 years, Omron is a world leader in automation and safety solutions for the automotive industry. We offer a unique mix of general purpose and application specific solutions. we are known for unmatched quality, innovation, reliability, and long-term stability coupled with a global footprint.

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Intelligent, connected and flexible technology

Global competition, varying demand, short delivery times, high product variety, increasing design complexity, electrification, skill shortages, regulatory and compliance requirements, have resulted in a challenging cost competitive environment for all manufacturers and their suppliers.
From vehicle component to vehicle assembly, our portfolio includes Input, Output, Logic, Vision, Safety, Motion, and Robotic solutions to meet the most demanding automotive manufacturing environment. Our extensive experience in battery, semiconductor, electrified powertrain, advanced manufacturing, and connected vehicle technology assembly allow us to provide innovative solutions that are scalable for manufacturing of the future vehicle.
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