Omron Product Repair Services: Minimize Your Downtime

Omron performs fast, warranty and non-warranty repairs of Omron Industrial Automation and Safety products including, but not limited to PLCs, power supplies, counters, timers, temperature controllers, servos, sensors, operator interfaces and AC drives.

This is why you can rely on our service:

  • Well trained technicians, the latest technologies and a high level of quality.
  • Three repair-services available: - Expedited Emergency (repair within 2 business days) - Rush (repair within 3-5 business days) - Standard (repair within 10 working days)
  • Totally free repair service for products under warranty as given by Omron.
  • Fixed repair price for products where the warranty period has expired.
  • Repaired products receive a 1-year warranty on repaired unit, valid from the repair date at the Omron Repair Center.

For More Information

Contact your Authorized distributor or repair service, 1-847-285-7200 or email

Further important information

  • Content of the repair-services are subject to change at anytime, without prior notification.