F3SJ Series


PLe safety light curtain

The F3SJ Series is a family of three performance level e safety light curtains providing solutions for different safety applications. The F3SJ-EASY type is designed for simple basic applications, the F3SJ-BASIC type is developed for applications that require additional functions. Complex safety solutions are covered by the F3SJ-ADVANCED type.

The safety light curtain of the F3SJ Series cover an operating range of 9 meters, an optical resolution of 14, 25, and 30 millimeters and a protective height of up to 2,5 meters. The size of the protective field is equal to the housing since there is no dead zone. Its small housing fits applications where space is limited.

  • Fast response time for a small safety distance
  • Quick mount brackets reduce setup time by 50%
  • Series connection for flexible setup of protective field
  • Easy-to-view LED bar for less alignment and diagnosis effort
  • ADVANCE model supports complex safety solutions with muting and blanking functions

EASY type

F3SJ-E: For stand-alone devices

Can be used for simple hand intrusion detection. Mounting now takes less than half the man-hours that conventional models take. Despite its simplicity, the EASY type is a highly reliable safety light curtain.

Machine safety first, narrowed down to the simplest functions

Upon detection of personnel, the machine stops. Simple yet very optimal.

1/2 the mounting time

Fixed response time makes calculation of the safety distance is easier. Reduced wiring, quick mount brackets and easy-to-view alignment beams all add up to cost savings. Additionally, with one fixed response time, it is know easier to calculate the safety distance.

Global Support

Omron will support you through our global network.

Easy-to-view Diagnostics

These indicators enable you to intuitively know the status and cause of any error. Allowing you faster installation while reducing machine down time.

BASIC type

F3SJ-B: a new standard of Safety Light Curtain

The muting function allows use of the safety light curtain in a variety of manufacturing environments. The flexible mounting supports up to three sets of series connected sensors.

Instant visibility of process trouble during muting

The BASIC type includes a muting function which temporarily disables the safety light curtain when a work piece passes through. In the event of any trouble occurring, the error can be instantly recognized from the pattern of the LED indicators, allowing for a fast solution.

Up to three sets-connected in series

It is possible to connect up to three sets of safety light curtains in series. These sensors can be placed in a U-shaped or L-shaped pattern with a single power line, thus requiring less wiring.

Functions inherited from the EASY type

Simple functions such as universal power voltage specification, easy-to-view diagnostics, a fixed response time have been inherited from the EASY type, As a result, expect reduced work-hours at each stage of use, from design and installation to operation.


F3SJ-A: for special purposes including finger protection

The detection capability supports finger protection through use of 14mm resolution. The ADVANCED type has a wide variety of muting and blanking functions to increase productivity.

Versatile muting function possible

Equipped with partial muting that disables only the beams where a work piece passes through, and position detection muting that disables the beams while detecting the position of a machine or robot.

The blanking function disables specific beams of the Safety Light Curtains

If a part of the mechanical equipment is within the detection zone of the Safety Light Curtain, the elevant beams can be disabled. This is possible not only with non moving parts but also with moving parts.

Setting up a warning zone to prevent unnecessary stoppage

Under normal use, if an intrusion occurs in the safety zone, the machine will stop immediately. However, use of a warning zone will only notify the operator that an intrusion has occurred. This can be used to prevent carelessness resulting in machine stoppage on the part of the operator.

Series connection up to 10 meters. Very convenient.

Sensors with protective heights of up to nearly 2.5 meters are available for applications that involve large-sized work pieces. And if you need to make changes in the future, you can always extend the protective height with series connections. Up to four sets, or 400 beams, can be series-connected, and with series connection cables up to 15 meters in length, applications can cover a wide area.

"SD Manager" PC Setting Support Software

All parameters can be set and the system status can be checked with a personal computer. In addition to making it easy to monitor the beam alignment, the ambient incident light intensity can be displayed in bar graph form for an easy check of the system status.
The "SD Manager" PC Setting Support Software helps reduce the time required for installing and troubleshooting the Safety Light Curtain. Beam alignment is easier. The incident light level can be displayed in a bar graph for each beam.


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