IP67 DeviceNet I/O

Rugged I/O units for field mounting. The DRT2 slave units feature internal diagnostic and maintenance data collection, which can be accessed over the network. Power supply status, I/O response times, operation counters and on-time monitor data is available at all times, and is internally checked against user-defined limits. Maintenance warnings will be generated when limits are exceeded. Using CX-One or NS-series HMI with Smart Active Parts for visualisation, this allows more efficient system setup, commissioning and troubleshooting without any additional programming.

  • IP67 protection, DRT2 versions are also oil- and welding-spatter proof
  • Internal circuits powered by DeviceNet; fewer connections means less installation errors
  • Smart Slave functions for diagnostics and preventive maintenance
  • Indication of broken wire and short-circuit in I/O signals
  • M12 connectors for fast installation

Harsh environment

The I/O units for tough environments

Resistant against dust, water and welding spatters. IP67 I/O units are aimed at providing maximum availability under all circumstances.


DeviceNet: Fault-tolerant

Availability guaranteed no matter how tough the environmental circumstances are. DeviceNet is based on proven CAN technology.

I/O Wiring

Fault-free wiring

Rugged, M12 prefabricated cable-connector assemblies provide fast and faultless installation.


One cable for power and data

Power supply through DeviceNet cable with rugged M12, prefabricated cable-connector assemblies.

Smart features

All Omron I/O units have built-in Smart Features that help to:
  • Reduce engineering time
  • Plan preventative maintainance
  • Increase your productivity
Take a look at one of the features below for a demonstration.


Smart I/O can store the last date on which you performed maintenance. A better overview will help you plan maintenance more efficiently.


Smart I/O units all keep track of duration and number of operations, to help you plan machine maintenance. Timely warnings to inspect and adjust the machine will minimise unplanned downtime.

Volt meter

Smart I/O monitors its own supply voltage, and will warn you if the voltage is out of safe range - e.g. due to damaged cable or poor connection.


Smart I/O can measure delays between two I/O signals with millisecond accuracy. When your preset limit is exceeded, Smart I/O will warn you that wear or lack of lubrication has reduced machine performance.


Smart Analog I/O performs data pre-processing to help you reduce PLC programming. Scaling and alarms, and even totalising or rate-of-change calculations are handled inside the unit.

CX-One / CX-One Lite

CX-One Splash_US.jpg
CX-One software allows users to build, configure and program a host of devices such as PLCs, HMIs and motion-control systems and networks using just one software package with one installation and license number. This greatly reduces the complexity of the configuration and allows automation systems to be programmed or configured with minimal training.


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