Integrated Loop Control and Sequence Control

An engine for controlling process variables (e.g., temperature, pressure, flowrate) is built into the CPU Unit together with the engine for executing sequence control, delivering high-speed sequence control and high-speed, advanced loop control in a single Unit.

  • Function block programming for easy engineering
  • Seamless integration of sequence control and loop control
  • HMI windows can be simply generated from function blocks automatically
  • Control functions have the added ability to control multiple loops
  • Consolidating the proven CS series loop-control technology
  • Effective maintenance functions
  • Low-cost solution for controlling multiple loops
Expansion Units

CJ-Series Power Supplies, Expansions

CJ systems can operate on 24 V DC power supply, or on 100 - 240 V AC mains. For small-scale systems with mainly digital I/O a low-cost small-capacity power supply can be used.

CJ-Series Digital I/O Units

CJ1W- dig-IO-Unit
Digital I/O units serve as the PLC's interface to achieve fast, reliable sequence control. A full range of units, from high-speed DC inputs to relay outputs, let you adapt CJ1 to your needs.

CJ-Series Analogue I/O and Control Units

CJ1 offers a wide choice of analogue input units, fit for any application, from low-speed, multi-channel temperature measurement to high-speed, high-accuracy data acquisition.

CJ-Series Position Control Units

From simple position measurement to multi-axis synchronised motion control.

CJ-Series Communication Units

CJ1 provides both standardised open networks interfaces, and cost-efficient high-speed proprietary network links.

CX-One / CX-One Lite

CX-One Splash_US.jpg
CX-One software allows users to build, configure and program a host of devices such as PLCs, HMIs and motion-control systems and networks using just one software package with one installation and license number. This greatly reduces the complexity of the configuration and allows automation systems to be programmed or configured with minimal training.


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