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A2W wireless pushbutton provides a unique solution

July 18, 2018

Omron enters a new market with an innovative switch that connects people and machines wirelessly.

Manufacturing sites continue to require more versatile and flexible production systems due to frequent changeover of low volume production. Omron’s wireless switches offer the freedom of production line layouts, simple addition to existing facilities, and installation on moving parts.

  • 8 pushbuttons can be assigned to one receiver unit
  • Each receiver has 8 transistor outputs (one-shot operation)
  • A pushbutton can be assigned to multiple outputs of a receiver
  • Self generated power created by the button operation eliminates the need for a power supply or batteries
  • Wireless communication is confirmed with a colored LED indicator on the pushbuttons
  • 922.5MHz frequency band reduces interference, providing a better signal in locations with obstacles
  • A high-sensitivity magnetic-base antenna is an option when installing the receiver inside a control panel
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