Life Sciences

Supporting clinical, pharma and medical device manufacturing

Regulated manufacturers seek to improve operating efficiency, assure product quality and boost profitability. Omron understands why this is more complicated in life sciences: CGMP requirements, manufacturing regulations and public safety issues create additional challenges for those in biotechnology and biopharma. Omron's automation expertise and technology helps companies to increase operating efficiency and optimize production in both batch and discrete processing.

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  • Clinical

    Achieve high reliability in everything from laboratory automation systems to patient sample tracking and clinical diagnostics.

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    Medical Devices

    Assure accuracy, regulatory compliance and product safety by embracing automation at all levels of the medical device manufacturing life cycle.
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  • Pharma

    Omron helps pharma manufactures harness the power of an integrated control and information system to provide real-time access and organization-wide visibility to vital production data. Learn more