Corporate Core Value: "Working for the benefit of society"


"Working for the benefit of society," the credo of Omron founder Kazuma Tateisi, serves as the core value that underlies Omron’s corporate activities. Our founder believed that the real purpose for a company to exist is to serve society, and that only when this is accomplished should the company earn profits and enjoy sustainable growth.
He also believed that only companies that add value and meet social needs can earn trust and respect from society as good corporate citizens, and thus successfully continue to exist as businesses. At Omron, this spirit has been preserved and consistently maintained over the years.
As society's needs become more diversified and the social responsibilities that companies assume evolve and become even more multifaceted, it is crucial for companies to meet society's expectations.
Within this context, the OMRON Group will strive to be a valued corporate citizen by committing itself to:
  • Building trust and confidence with stakeholders through constructive engagement.
  • Demonstrating integrity, fairness, and transparency in all our business activities.
  • Contributing to the sustainable development of society by addressing its needs in a well-balanced manner, taking into consideration the economic, environmental, and social impact of our actions.